Video image analysis

Highly intelligent functionalities

The Securiton IPS VideoManager offers unique video analysis solutions in the form of a 3D multi-sensor machine. Users decide whether camera images are merely viewed, recorded or analysed using intelligent algorithms (IPS outdoor detection, fire, smoke, graffiti, theft, suitcases, sabotage etc.) and investigated in terms of behavioural patterns.

Plug-ins in the form of expandable detection/analytical functions enable the retro-fitting of future functionalities. Geo-referenced multi-camera solutions make it possible to localise and track objects as well as facilitating the generation of motion profiles across a whole site. Intelligent dome tracking using automatic subject search or marking of the target object supports target identification.

Video image analysis - in pictures

  • IPS MSM-System
  • IPS NVR-System
  • IPS VMS-System
  • IPS VMS-System 3D

Intelligent video analysis

The recognition of dangerous situations using colour image video analysis is defined as “detection”. We refer to the implementation of our patented cross-camera system of target pursuit and identification as “tracking”. As well as geo-referenced 3D localisation of objects, the system is also able to generate cross-camera “motion profiles”.

Securiton’s video analysis solutions deliver the very highest level of performance. Familiarise yourself with the enormous range of opportunities IPS VideoManager is able to offer.

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